What makes a good HubSpot CMS Theme
Posted on October 27, 2022

What makes a good HubSpot CMS Theme

HubSpot CMS helps in combining website creation with the power of a CRM platform to enhance & customize the entire buying journey, streamline marketing and sales alignment etc. Users buy CMS Hub to empower their teams to build personalized digital experiences which is easy to use and requires no code.

As HubSpot CMS becomes more popular and affordable, there are hundreds of awesome themes available at HubSpot Market Place, Envato marketplace and many other websites. The themes range from small free themes to extremely big and complex themes which can be quite expensive and could potentially involve a lot of effort to set up with live content.

The kind of theme that you should get for your website in HubSpot CMS will depend on your exact business themes, so in this post we will tell you the basic things to look out in a theme before buying. We know how much mess a wrong theme can create for your website and then you get stuck in the loop where it is difficult to go ahead with that theme. Having worked with Hubspot for over 12 years now, we know what makes a good theme. You can get in touch with us if you want help in finalizing and implementing a theme (we create a lot of themes for HubSpot on daily basis).

Here are some of the items to look for in a theme before you buy it or start using it:


The basic mark-up structure in HubSpot CMS is responsive but when building themes and adding custom codes, many things can go wrong. Before you use a theme, make sure to check its demo. To test for responsiveness, you can either resize your window to a smaller size or use the Emulator built into Chrome. If device compatibility is a top priority, maybe you should consider using a tool like BrowserStack to test out the theme.


Easy to Edit

A typical theme for HubSpot CMS is built using lots of custom modules where the developers have to add their own code to run on CMS. The developers also create page templates where you can drag more elements onto a page. Such custom code can sometimes have a usability or function issue. Such issues can make for a poor editing experience or worse have some sections which are not editable at all. If you are about to pay for a theme, ask for edit access to the theme so that you can test drive the editing experience of a theme before financially committing to it.

easy to edit


Even after checking for all things in a theme for HubSpot CMS, you may across bugs/defects/annoying features down the line. Fortunately, given the way CMS is set up, it's very easy for a developer to roll out a fix/update. Always check what kind of support will the developer provide and for how long.

Hubspot theme support

Multi-language website

HubSpot CMS has an excellent support for creating multi-lingual website. While its easy to create multi-language pages and set them up as translations of each other, the language specific header and footer elements need a bit of code to render the language specific content. Make sure you test drive this feature when making a decision for a multi-language website.


Default Content

When you get a new theme for HubSpot Theme for your website, you will get a number of page templates to choose from. When trying to create a new page, it's much easier if the page already has some default or dummy content and you can just go in and edit it. If you creating content in blank page templates, it can be a bit confusing as you can't really see the structure of the page without any content in it.

default content for hubspot theme

We hope you find the best theme for your website that is easy to use and lets you try new things while maintaining the quality. If you can't find a theme like that, we are here to help you always. Just drop a message! :)

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