What is covered in Sales Hub Onboarding

Transitioning to a new CRM can be a daunting task for both managers and reps. We streamline this process for you with a comprehensive plan to get your team up and running smoothly. The following is a sample plan to give you an idea of what Sales Hub Professional Onboarding entails. On average, our customers complete onboarding within 2 months, some even faster, focusing on achieving your main objectives. As onboarding is tailored to your specific goals, we will structure the process and prioritize tasks according to your needs. In this sample plan, we will prioritize engaging with prospects on their terms, automating your sales process, and personalizing your outreach at scale.

While every team has its own needs and the plan is designed around your precise needs and goals, these are the typical aspects we set you up with.

  1. Understanding your goals and team set up - We will start by understanding you current team structure and your goals. To set you up for sucess, we will understand the key drivers for taking up the Sales Hub Subscription. This also includes understanding you current process and the structure of your team.
  2. Review or set up of HubSpot Portal Set Up 
    • Evaluate the current configuration and settings in HubSpot. Suggestions on setting up if you are just starting out
    • Examine how HubSpot can be utilized in your the organization.
    • Users and Security Set up
    • Import your contacts, companies, deals, and notes into HubSpot
    • Review existing CRM & lead management systems
    • Install HubSpot tracking code on your website
    • Evaluate the need of external integrations
  3. Improve connect with your prospects
    • Set up inboxes and Calendar Integrations
    • Set up Live Chat and Conversations
    • Set up Email outreach to prospects through the CRM
    • Setting up meetings tool for each sales rep
    • Set up email scheduling to send to prospects at their preferred times.
  4. Automation
    • Deal Stage automation - Customize deal pipelines to fit your sales process.
    • Lead rotation to sales reps
    • Setting up tasks so that sales reps can more efficiently execute daily objectives
    • Workflow extensions to automate sales processes
  5. Outreach Personalization
    • Personalization tokens in Emails
    • Usage of videos in emails to get higher response rates
    • Create sequence queues for follow up with prospects
    • Set up quotes to close deals faster
    • Set up a product library to include the items that you sell. 
  6. Review and connect with all applicable integrations
  7. Custom Properties Set up
  8. Custom Objects Set up (Enterprise only)
  9. Development of custom Integrations as Private Apps (not included in standard onboarding, provided on demand)
  10. User training



Sales Hub Onboarding Features

Onboarding designed around your goals

Our onboarding process is not a one-size-fits-all. Our specialist will first understand the motivation and goals of your campaigns and then set up with the right tools and processes within HubSpot

A plan that works for you

The onboarding plan will be created around your goals and priorities combined with our product knowledge. 

Robust Support

All our services are backed by our robust support. We ensure that we not only set you up for growth but also support you in your success journey

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