Revolutionize Content Creation with AI-Powered Tools in HubSpot Content Hub
Posted on April 30, 2024

Revolutionize Content Creation with AI-Powered Tools in HubSpot Content Hub

Revolutionize Content Creation with AI-Powered Tools in HubSpot Content Hub

HubSpot just launched a new hub call "Content Hub". Discover how AI-powered content tools in HubSpot Content Hub can transform the way marketers and content creators produce, distribute and manage content, leading to increased efficiency and improved quality.

What is HubSpot Content Hub?

Content Hub is an all-in-one, AI-powered content marketing software by HubSpot that helps marketers & content creators create and manage content that fuels the entire customer journey.

As the role of content is evolving beyond just a traffic generation tool, companies need to create a lot more content than before. This content gets distributed several channels with multiple and new touch-points across customer journey. With HubSpot Content Hub, marketers can create content in one place and then manage and scale it across channels while maintaining brand and tone-of-voice consistency.

The AI-powered text image generation built into the tool also helps content creators focus on high quality topics while leveraging AI to perform the tasks of an assistant like rephrasing/composing text or looking for appropriate high quality images.

What are the key AI content features of HubSpot Content Hub?

HubSpot AI

HubSpot's generative AI is built into the content tools. It helps marketers create Blog posts based on topics, generate meta descriptions for blogs and pages, generate images for blog posts and composing emails for marketing. The AI tool also lets you rewrite a piece of content in a different tone


The AI tool can also be configured to adopt the tone of voice of your brand so that all your future content is generated in line with the brand voice.

Content generation is not limited only to text and the tool also helps in generating images for your blog posts. This can be very beneficial to marketers as they are no longer dependent on a creative designer to create images with traditional graphic design or illustration tools.

A unique feature of the tool is that it can generate captions for your social media posts helping you create more engaging social media content.

Content Remix

Content remix in HubSpot Content Hub is unique tool with no parallel in the industry. It saves massive amounts of time for marketers through AI-powered multichannel content creation. It turns top-performing creatives into repurposed assets helping you acquire customers trough engaging content across channels.

When faced with the challenge of spending days completing a single asset, repurposing it for various channels and audience segments can become a time-consuming task. This can result in outdated content by the time it reaches your audience. Converting blogs into social media posts and marketing emails, along with sourcing images for different platforms, can be a drain on your time and resources.

This is where content remix steps in. It efficiently repurposes your most valuable assets. Say goodbye to content creation obstacles, unlock new avenues for growth, and elevate your marketing strategy to new levels with the help of AI-powered efficiency.

Scalable CMS Tools

Previously known as CMS Hub, these tools are now a part of the Content Hub and still continue to provide the best editing experience a marketer can get in a website builder. The platform lets you build scalable, SEO optimized, performance optimized and marketer focussed websites. Experienced teams like ours can also build CRM powered personalized content and data driven content HubDB (the database available in CMS).

The CMS is already established as a world class tool to build a beautiful websites that grow your business. By being included in Content Hub, the CMS now becomes even powerful through the AI powered features like generating AI powered meta descriptions, images, text copy and much more

AI Blog Writer

This is HubSpot's AI blog generation tool that takes your blogging ideas to an absolute next level.

You start off by suggesting what you want to blog about with instructions around the points that you want to focus on. The AI tool then generates a number of post titles to choose from followed by an outline of the post with major section headings of the post. You can edit, reorder or add sections as you wish.

Lastly, it generates extremely high quality content including a featured image. This tools is truly a content creator's magic wand and works extremely well.


Brand Voice

With brand voice tool, you can create on-brand content at scale with brand voice software that embodies and writes in your brand's unique voice.

After providing your existing content that embodies your brand voice, the AI-powered assistant will analyze it and produce a summary that encapsulates your distinctive style and tone. Once your brand voice is established, creating content in your preferred manner becomes effortlessly seamless.


Where to start with Content Hub and AI tools

At The The Web Plant, we have already started leveraging latest Content Hub and AI tools to help customers with top quality content generation, ad copy creation, SEO ideas and AI language translations. Our teams have gone a step further and integrated CRM & HubD data with extern AIs to acheive various customer goals at a fraction of cost from a year ago.

Do get in touch for more details!


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