HubSpot CRM for capturing leads at a physical event
Posted on August 21, 2023

HubSpot CRM for capturing leads at a physical event

The problem statement

NAMFAM community brings together Mompreneurs (mom-entrepreneurs) from varied fields, binding them into a close-knit community, with the purpose of helping them achieve their business goals and aspirations while handling the. The community also provides a thriving platform for business networking and promotion of the Mompreneurs’ products and services.

A women-focussed entrepreneurs community current uses a custom solution to manage their lead capture and their buying journey. The organization also frequently hosts exhibitions in a trade show format where women entrepreneurs showcase their products. This year the exhibition was organized around an Indian festival in August, 2023.

The current members of the community and new leads are invited to the events. The community owners want to track

  1. How many current members have attended the event
  2. How many leads have visited the event
  3. How many new visitors (neither member not leads) were gained as leads during the trade show
  4. How many new members were acquired as a result of the hosting the event
  5. All leads primarily use a phone number and the business wants to keep it unique - the CRM doesn't support phone number as a unique key

They also did not want to spend too much on a custom solution and wanted a solution that the registration desk can use on a tablet or a mobile phone.


The Solution

The Web Plant team came up with a solution based in HubSpot CRM to address the need for quick data checking and data entry. On Web Plant's recommendation, they agreed to import the contacts into HubSpot CRM for a test drive. After looking at the data in HubSpot CRM, they agreed that leveraging the contacts already stored in the HubSpot CRM would be the most efficient way to achieve the goals. While they initially explored using the official HubSpot App, it became clear that a custom solution was necessary to provide a more streamlined and swift data entry process.

case-study - infographic

By tapping into the existing contacts in the HubSpot CRM, the Web Plant team was able to create an SPA that enables seamless visitor entry process for both existing members and new leads. This innovative approach not only ensured accurate data recording but also eliminated the possibility of duplicate records. The customer was thrilled with the results, as they witnessed firsthand how effortlessly leads and new visitors could be added to their database and how intuitively then could view and use the results at the end of the day.


The Web Plant team's expertise and dedication to providing a user-friendly solution truly paid off, as the entire process was executed flawlessly.


The Result

The exhibition was a roaring success, attracting a multitude of visitors from all walks of life. The venue was abuzz with excitement and anticipation as people flocked to see the innovative products and services showcased by the NewAgeMompreneurs. The vibrant atmosphere created a perfect backdrop for networking and business promotion, with visitors eagerly engaging with the exhibitors. The event surpassed all expectations, leaving a lasting impression on both the attendees and the community owners.

A large number of attendees visited the event, with 27.5% being known visitors and 72.5% being new leads. Our application ensured a seamless visitor entry process for both existing members and new leads, effectively recording all data accurately and eliminating duplicate records. The community owners were extremely pleased with the outcome.

Pie Chart

Based on this data, they will be able to identify potential for nurturing the new leads that could results in new members. They can also segment the contacts into potential new members (entrepreneurs) and potential visitors for their next event.

Our co-founder visited the exhibition and saw that the solution we created for their registration desk was working wonderfully and they were able to add leads & new visitors with a lot of ease.






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