How does a HubSpot CMS Migration work

We understand that moving your website to HubSpot CMS can look like quite an intimidating task. We make this extremely easy for you by handling everything that you will need to launch your migrated HubSpot website.

Page List & Backup

We analyse your current website to prepare a page list. This is the list of pages that is going to be migrated to HubSpot.

We also use a backup tool to take a backup of your current website

Theme Development

We identify the branding and global elements in your website and build a theme. A theme is a combination of styling and structural elements that will be used to build the site. We also use your current typography details in the theme. Each theme contains a theme settings panel that allows you to tweak global styles in the future without making any code changes

Modules Development

From the analysis of your website, we draw up a list of modules that will be developed. These are stand-alone and reusable component that will be the building blocks of your content. Each module offers various options to edit content and styles

Page Templates Development

We identify the unique page structures needed in the site e.g. Home page, Gallery page, Contact page etc. For each unique page structure, a template is created. You can use these templates in the future to create more content

Sections Development

Sections are the snippets of organized content that are re-used across the website e.g. if your site displays a pricing table in multiple places with same prices, we will create a section for this. You can use the sections in future as stand-alone content sections

Blog Import

HubSpot offers an excellent blog import tool that can pull in your blog content from all major platforms. We use this tools as the first attempt to migrate over your blog. If the import doesn't work for any reason, we will manually migrate your posts. The import/migration will bring over the posts, authors, tags and images.

Pages Migration

All current pages are migrated over to HubSpot CMS using the templates, modules and sections. Each page is built with global headers/footers well to maintain consistency.

Each page is SEO optimized with opportunities listed by HubSpot's page editor tool

Pages Optimization

Each created page is checked for SEO best practices and is benchmarked for performance using the Lighthouse tool. We also try to keep the same URL structure as your current website


After migrating all pages, each page undergoes QA to ensure that your content and functionality has been properly brought over and that the website is responsive.

DNS Switch

After a round of QA and sign off by you, the site is ready for a launch. We will share DNS settings details to be updated in your Domain registration panel. If needed, our team can go into your domain panel and update the DNS settings for you.

What kind of sites can be migrated to HubSpot CMS?

Wordpress to HubSpot CMS Migration

Migrate your Wordpress website to HubSpot. While Wordpress is a great tool for content creation, your HubSpot website will offer you a superior editing experience. The platform will also  maximize the potential of your content, marketing, sales and support teams.

Squarespace to HubSpot CMS Migration

Migrate your SquareSpace website to HubSpot. This migration is usually very swift because most sites are built in a similar way on SquareSpace. When combined with HubSpot CRM, your new website will help you capture and track leads more effectively

Wix to HubSpot CMS Migration

Wix has been a popular tool among many small businesses starting out with a website for the first time. However, they soon realize the need for a more specialized CRM and Sales tool integrated into the website as the business grow. Our teams have performed hundreds of Wix to HubSpot migrations

HTML to HubSpot CMS Migration

While a site built from scratch in HTML offers your developers unlimited optimization options, it always comes at the cost of flexibility and ease of content editing. When using HubSpot CMS, your pages are already optimized for performance, speed and best practices. You also get an integrated CRM and world class no-code editing experience.

React/Next to HubSpot CMS Migration

React is currently the most popular front-end library. While it offers great flexibility, speed and optimization when combined with many other frameworks and libraries (e.g. NextJS). However, nearly every update to content requires developer involvement. HubSpot CMS offers all the above benefits while eliminating the need for a development resource

Webflow to HubSpot CMS Migration

Webflow is a good tool for starter websites where websites can be built in a visual way. This platform offers ease of use but if you migrate your website from Webflow to HubSpot, you get an unmatched CRM integration and automation platform built into the website

Custom Migration
Can't see your platform for HubSpot CMS Migration?

If you have a website hosted on a platform not listed above, just drop us a note and we will share details specific to your platform.


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